SCOAP3 Update

April 17, 2013

This week CRKN members received a detailed package of SCOAP³ documents that describe the current status of this Open Access initiative and the terms and conditions of participation for 2014-2016. Members are asked to review the documents and return their commitment forms to CRKN by May 1, 2013. CRKN will be attending an international meeting of SCOAP³ National Contact Points (NCPs) at CERN in Geneva on May 6th, hence the need to secure members’ commitments by May 1st. At this meeting, the results of the prior months’ work of calculations and reconciliations (undertaken by libraries, consortia, and publishers, and mediated by CERN) will be examined and NCPs, in tandem with CERN and SCOAP³ staff, will determine if the funding envelope needed to launch the project on January 1, 2014 has been achieved. Further updates will be provided in May when results are known. 

Please direct all questions or comments regarding the SCOAP³ project to CRKN via Craig Olsvik.